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Hey, let’s talk about me. My favorite subject. I’ve worked with Marc Silber before. Been to his studio, talked photography, talked history, process and the ever-changing world of image-making. I like Marc and I like Marc’s “kind” meaning those people who have photography in their blood. For people like Marc, photography is more than a hobby, more than a channel and even more than a career. Photography to people like Marc is a pursuit that underlies all other thought and motion. (It’s a curse that many of us have.)

Marc called recently and asked about doing another series together, one that involved me filming myself on my trusty Fuji XT2 while he and a producer/editor (Jared) worked on the questions, the theme and the post-production. I said “Sure.”

The first installment is now live. Now, I know that these boys worked their magic on the backend but I have to say the sound and picture are really solid. This is good for me because Blurb just tasked me with a variety of short films and it’s good to know what I’m using actually works, and that I know how to use it. (Miracle)

There are more installments on the way. But I’m curious. Do you like films like this and do you think I’m providing something of value? Look, you know me. I’m going to do it anyway! But I am curious. My hope is that yes, I am doing something of value and hopefully that value comes in the form of actual information about the process of photography. I think the questions and the content here are solid, but of course, I’m jaded.

Perhaps what I’m saying can help someone else unlock their vision? If you do like these films then don’t be shy about sharing what else I could talk about that might provide some value. Like “Gee Dan, those glasses are stunning.” Gee, thanks. This was the first time I wore my new readers…….and they worked! You can tell because I’m looking in the right direction…

Many thanks to Marc and the team for taking the time and the energy to produce these babies.

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  1. Comments that make so much sense for me.
    Visually annoyed at times by the glare on the glasses, just to pull in your legs!

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      Well, I’m renting at 450 square foot casita with literally ONE place I can record. But, this will change soon. Thanks for watching and thanks for the feedback. Why didn’t I get the anti-glare coating on my beloved readers?

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  2. Thought this was great Dan. Particularly drawn to your 35mm black and white film work, really wonderful images. Also your enthusiasm to create is contagious. Thanks

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      Hey Jon,
      Yep, that was the best work I’ve ever done. That and some of the Blad work in 6×6. No question about it.

  3. Dan,
    Your videos do not just inspire people to do more, shoot more and then immortalise their images by printing (in whichever form it may be)…but they also confirm to many that having the best gear currently available is not really necessary. GAS seems to be the most common disease amongst photographing folks and there is only one cure: have confirmation by someone who has been there, done it and got the T-Shirt!
    I love what you do with very simple gear and obviously you are successful. ‘Define successful’ you may now say.
    It’s what makes you happy…its what makes the individual happy with what has been created.

    I follow your blog and videos because I need reminding of that…occasionally… It reminds me that, in principle, I don’t really need much of anything to be happy. This can be applied to every walk of life.

    It’s therapy to me.

    Thank you…and keep going. It’s good to see what others of our kind do.

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      One of the nicest comments I’ve ever had. And well put. I’m glad you are finding something of value here. I hope to continue this, and I hope to improve the content. There will be some new photography-related content forthcoming.

  4. Dan,

    Found your site after watching some of the videos with Marc. I’m a social scientist who is looking to use photography as a way of documenting my work. So glad you are sharing your ideas and experiences, it is so refreshing to see someone interested in what actually works, rather than being too concerned about having the latest and greatest gear. It’s truly inspiring. Working through your videos on YouTube and looking through your site, whilst also geting out with my camera more and reading more about documentary photography. In social science circles it’s more akin to visual anthropology. Dan M and Martin Parr are like the two best mentors I could ever ask for, even if I’ve never met either.

    I’m also using an XT2 so to see someone as experienced as you say how good the camera is, prevents me believing – as YouTube reviews of gear would impy – that I need a newer camera. Actually, I just need to get out and learn and shoot and ‘do’. And heck, I even get a few laughs along the way 🙂

    Brilliant information, please do keep sharing

    Two questions – did you shoot the video with autofocus or manual? Also, was the video shot in f-log then colour graded?

    1. Hey James, nice to meet you. Just back from Albania, so sorry for slow reply. Depends on the camera. With the Fuji, yes, F-log then graded. With the Sony, no. But what I’m doing really isn’t about good filmmaking or good color. Those things are beyond me at this point. And I LOVE social science. That is one great skill when it comes be a photographer.

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