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It starts out innocent enough. A safe cover. “Oh, look, honey, it’s a book about sculpture.” Ah, no. It’s not. The book turns and with it comes the turn toward the pandemic. Personally, I think some incredible work will emerge from this past year. Artists, when pressed, often to their best work. History proves. Darin Hayton brings us 52/3 and with it his take on the C19 circus.

The short explanation gives us a foothold before we embark on the placid tour of uncertainty. Empty spaces, void faces and the pre-apocalypse feel we have all come to love and enjoy. Thin, hollow, fragile, and abandoned all come to mind. The little digest format working nicely as a subtle reminder we don’t need table size to get the point across. Actually, quite small these images work well. Pound for pound they say a lot with a little. And with Darin we have a producer, something who ventured out when some of us did not.

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  1. Agreed. There is going to be some great work on 2020 – the 2020 that doesn’t seem to end. I’ve got nothing coherent to show for it, but it’s not too late. How we emerge and move on is going to be interesting. Roaring 20s repeat? Should I be buying gold?

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