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What else is there to say? Thank you. Ten thousand subscribers to my YouTube Channel. This is quite a surprise. I’m not sure it actually means anything in terms of success with the channel but I’m pleased that my ramblings are having an impact. Again, one guy, one opinion, so take it for what it’s worth. But I mean it when I say “Thank you.” I’ve been trying to incorporate your ideas, questions, needs, etc. which I will continue to do. Secondarily, a new series just began #FromTheVanWithDan, which for me is both a lot of work but also a relief as it more officially sanctions my time in the van. I will be creating a new, short film series for Blurb in regard to what I’m learning and experiencing with my time in the van. My guess is these films will be more nuts and bolts, how-to and photo-centric.

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    1. Just watched. Haha. I’m eyeing that Shimoda, too. Have just never been able to find a bag setup I’m happy with. I looked at the Shimodas a year or so ago, but I noticed simultaneously I’d seen YouTube flooded with Shimoda videos. I got suspicious. But read a lengthy, well done review a few days ago that makes me think maybe this is the one. The inserts confuse me a bit. Which inserts did you choose?

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  1. “The Tao begot one.
    One begot two. Two begot three.
    And three begot the ten thousand things.”

    Tao Te Ching, Chapter Forty Two

    The magic in that number goes back a long way… it speaks a lot to what can happen when, without expectation, you simply follow your nature and just do.

    Glad that so many others agree.

    Also, since I don’t have a single social media account, glad that you will also be doing longer form episodes of From the Van on your website. Short form (micro form?) is so not you.

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      I’m jealous. Life on the outside is better. I will be doing both long and short, to keep peeps at bay.

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