BikeLife: Six Weeks, Seven States

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Ride bike, save money, invest money. That’s the plan. Nothing huge. Just micro-savings, micro invested. What a trip. New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Truck based, yes, but with the bicycle sprinkled in strategically.

I realize the bike isn’t for everyone, but it could be for a lot more people than it is currently. Right now winter descends on a good portion of the country where things like fuel oil will begin to burn. Extraction. Fossil fuels. We still need them in a big way but perhaps it’s time to seriously make a plan for life without. Or, we just implode and hope to be in the ground hit by the first ICBM strike. (Yeehaaaaww.)

But this concept of microfinance has me thinking. Sure, it’s not going to change the major metrics but you would be surprised how quickly things can pile up and how quickly small amounts can bring change.

Forty-miles might seem like a lot but it really isn’t. A consistent and manageable pace, light wind and not too much climbing. You would be surprised how many of you could do this distance without much thought.

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  1. I feel as if I just went on a gorgeous, quiet bike ride with you. Love the “almost got bit by a dog” comment, glad you are okay. Your choice of black and white helps me to focus on what’s important and thank you for biking and creating this video. I think it’s important for people to hear, see and understand what you’re doing and trying to achieve and you have inspired me to get my bike off it’s hook, add some air to the tires and get out into the hills, once my Kickstarter is over. Good work, Daniel.

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