BikeLife: Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour, Long Term Review

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If you know this tire then you will know that calling this film a “long-term review” is a bit of a stretch because at only 3000 miles I am not even at the midpoint of this tire. However, winter weather has forced me to make a seasonal change in my tire size and style so I thought it a good time to share some thoughts on the current tire situation.

Out are the Schwalbes, for now, and in are the Continental Race King 2.2’s, complete with Slime Tubes. (Yes, they are heavy.) Any tire with “Black Chili” in the name is a slam dunk for a New Mexico based rider. SOLD. If you are interested in a bulletproof gravel/tour tire then look no further than the Marathon Plus Tour. This tire handles all surfaces, high PSI and with zero punctures at the 3000-mile point, I am a believer.

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  1. Your bike enthusiasm always makes me smile, and also a bit nostalgic. Was roadie back in the day, duathlons, one tri, and once did the Assault on Mt. Mitchell, a one day 102.7 mile ride from Spartanburg, SC to the top of Mt. Mitchell in NC, the last 25+ miles mostly uphill, rained the whole day. I was the one that felt assaulted after 10 hours on the bike, but still a fine memory. Ride on!

    What music do you play in retaliation?

    1. “What music do you play in retaliation?” Hahaha. My analogy might not fit, but this made me think of that Kathleen Turner Michael Douglas movie – was it War of the Roses?

    2. In my world Donna Summer is synonymous with disco, a very dark period for music, so yes, War of the Roses time indeed.

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      Damian Marley. He seems the darkest of the Marley family and I love his sound. Man, epic. Love hearing riding tales. Working on BikeLife film now…

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