BikeLife: Schwable Maraton Plus Tour Review

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I’m not a huge review fan but when I come across a product that is undeniably wonderful, well, then I gotta say something. This was not my first rodeo with Schwalbe tires, but this was the first time I bought a tire that needed to work on all surfaces, all missions, and all conceivable future voyages. And the Marathon Plus Tour does all the above, and more.

Yes, I gunk them up from time to time.

As you know, cycling and strategic cycling activism will be a significant part of my future. How that manifests itself remains to be seen but I’m actively sketching out potential future scenarios. At the core of this post is the idea of products that last, and after roughly 1100 miles these tires still look brand new.

The idea of getting perhaps 5000+ miles out of a bike tire, perhaps more, is incredible to me. My wife and I are in a tiny house in the mountains of Washington State and I just told her, “I could live here, easily.” 240 square feet of pure heaven. And, I also told her I could live out of my duffle bag for the rest of my life. I buy clothes with lifetime guarantees. My bike is titanium and my truck is a Tacoma, one of the most reliable vehicles ever built. THINGS THAT LAST.

So, if you are in the market for tires look no further than these babies. Now, get riding.

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  1. Hey Daniel, I certainly am not the gonzo bike rider you are but I do want to mention that I easily get 5000 miles out of my Conti Ride/Tour tires, and have gotten over 20,000 miles without a flat.

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      Hey, that reminds me. My Conti Travel Contacts were great tires as well, however, they were death on anything loose. The Schwalbe is a great combo for me. Tons more traction but still good on the tarmac.

  2. Miles or km counting is difficult imho, it’s all depending on loading, pressure you put them on, terrain surface(1000km smooth asphalt is not equal to 1000km of gravel), salt spray(yes that’s what on our European roads in winter), debris encounter, etc; but marathons are build to withstand 5000-10000km for sure. I run Vittoria Adventure or Randonneurs which equal Schwalbes for me. Good review Dan, keep them coming! So true about things that last.

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      All good brands and treads. New Mexico can chew up the best of tires. Which is why it is so great.

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