BikeLife: One Tire Fits All

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Bike geeks and tire width geeks might not be happy with this film or my assessment of the situation. One tire fits all. And no I’m not running tubeless and have no intention of doing so in the short term. The Salsa is a jack-of-all-trades bike that is capable of any kind of riding you can throw at it. Consequently, tire choice is a bit of a challenge because the bike isn’t locked into any specific genre.

Want to ride singletrack? Gravel? Road? Tour? All the above? Great, this bike is ready. I’ve tried an assortment of tires over the years, including a lot of the newer 40-45 gravel tires but NOTHING is quite like the Marathon Plus Tour, and now running 700×45 I finally feel like I have my tire solution pegged. Heavy but utterly indestructible and at home on all surfaces this feels like the tire of tires.

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    2. i bet

      btw, if you started talking about cookies on your ride, you could be phil gaimon’s long lost twin… 😉

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      That guy is killing it. He’s had a real career and can really ride. I’m just trying to survive.

  1. Sorry for going a little off-topic. Was thinking about this as I watched. Shifter community – walk me off a ledge. I’m a low to mid…no low…level user of Lightroom, Photoshop, Audition, and Premiere Pro. I don’t know why, but I’ve been considering trying to get away from Adobe and the subscription model. Thinking about switching to Capture One (hmm, I guess that’s a subscription) and Final Cut. I probably won’t do it – my brain doesn’t really want to learn new software. Still, I thought I’d see what everyone here is using.

    1. totally get it. adobe is the only subscription i’ve kept as i have clients who want things done in premiere or after effects.

      i tried switching to capture one. it’s great software but i have 20 years invested in lightroom. transferring was a hassle and i have a really good workflow in place. lots of options though.

      huge fan of final cut pro and motion. premiere is clunky in comparison. i did recently switch to davinci resolve though and it’s now taken top spot. if you’re going to pay for FCPx, you might as well buy resolve studio instead. everything you need in one package and there are some amazing new tools available in the latest release (17).

      more than happy to share what i know in more detail if you need it. feel free to get in touch.

    2. Sean, that is great info, thank you. I will look into Resolve (trial or something) before I pester you with questions. I think at the end of the day I don’t really want to do a library transfer. I feel like 90% of my time is moving blog sites or thinking about software switches. It’s probably a carefully crafted internal fear factor to avoid doing the work that I actually want to be doing. Some of that is true, but the tools do also matter.

    3. no worries. there are some limitations to the free version of resolve but nothing that would get in the way of you learning it. for freeware, it has a ton of features.

      it took me 3 months to migrate from fcpx to resolve. start with a small project to get the feel then make it part of every project. all of my video gear is blackmagic so that was really the deciding factor for me. i also wanted to be able to everything in a single piece of software, much like lightroom. edit, audio, color correct and motion graphics all in one place. with fcpx, you’re using motion or after effects and the integration is not, shall we say, seamless.

      if you go with fcpx, i highly recommend buying the color finale plugin for color correction. it has much better control than fcpx’s tools and is very similar to grading in resolve.

      i will probably never move from lightroom. my workflow there is far too ingrained.

    4. Great suggestion. A slow, free intro to Resolve. Eventually I might be able to drop the Adobe plan down to just the basic photo package. That’d be a nice compromise.

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    6. like anything, it has some quirks however, the color correction and audio tools more than make up for it. working with nodes takes a little getting used to but there is lots of power in it.

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      Those are both very solid. Nothing wrong with that. and you had other options.

  2. Back to spam the Shifty crowd. I downloaded Davinci Resolve and took it for a test drive. Holy cow. I know that well respond differently to user interfaces, workflows, and Tim Tams. My first DR impressions – it works for me. I’ll be saying adios to my full Adobe subscription. Your mileage may vary, so take advantage of their free version before you listen to me, a rank amateur.

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      have heard nothing but good things about Resolve. Sean knows his stuff too.

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