BikeLife: New Mexico Groove

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I lied. There is no groove. This is my first season riding in the cold and I’ve had to learn a few new boundaries. Those boundaries are more about me than anything else. What can I handle? What can I take? How is cycling different at fifty-two than it was at forty-two? What happens when I’m not prepared for the cold? For the right caloric intake? And what happens if I blow off my “recovery?” (It’s not good.)

Two pieces of fine machinery. One from steel the other Titanium.

I’m also learning the subtleties of a New Mexico winter. The difference between the end of January and the beginning of February, historically and now when we suddenly see days of high temps and high wind in what is usually the second coldest month of the year. This place has a unique look and a unique history not to mention population. When some of the BLM events came this way the friction was cast over events from the 1500s.

I am so fortunate to be here, to be able to do these things, and I take nothing for granted. This was a bad year for death by bike. A lot of people killed on these judgmental roads. The bike brings out heightened bodily function. Decisions are made. Air vs speech, lactic acid vs exertion. Short, punchy climbs, fast descents, and the sandy, red dust on icy shadows. Above, the hawks studying the playing field.

Looking west toward the Jemez.

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  1. please tell me you’re buying that caddy. the vision of you rolling into the palm springs photo fest in that is absolute perfection.

    nice to see you getting out. winds have kicked in here too during the last week or so. dry and cold but not unbearable.

    1. I agree with Sean. Send that photo to Blurb and tell them, “I….i mean We…need this. Just think of the marketing potential!”

      PS – I may owe Apple a mea culpa. Took my laptop in, and they said the battery was swollen, and that it couldn’t be related to upgrade to Big Sur. I believe the tech, but I’m still trying to figure out why the boards are filled with the exact same symptom – immediately after upgrade battery starts draining, won’t charge, and warns that service recommended.

      Shrug. They’re replacing the battery. Not cheap, but should get me into M2 land. Also read a rumor Apple plans on bringing back more ports.

    2. exactly. what could top uncle danno in a giant pink land yacht?

      for future reference, i recommend OWC for any and all apple replacement/upgrade parts. i’ve been using them for years to keep my 2009 mac pro somewhat relevant and battery replacements for laptops. they know their stuff.

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      Heard the port thing. I have four dongles and still have to plug and unplug during the day. And I’ve already had one dongle go bad.Make some want to see what my other options are. M1 is looking solid.

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      17mph right now with gusts close to 30mph. Same for yesterday. I have a short close route with lots of climbing that is doable in this but it’s still odd.

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