BikeLife: New Mexico, Episode 002

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Foreshadowing: be a warning or indication of (a future event). By the way, I’m listening to this song while I write. Digging it. Another morning in the books. Up at 4:30 AM. “No, I can’t get up this early.” Back to sleep. Up at 6 AM. Restless. Sun over the Sangres. Coffee with chocolate milk. Testing, always testing.

My bike is ready. Her bike placed in her car. Her coffee made. The essentials. Same route I’ve taken many, many times. Ultimate goal? South, toward the basin. Lamy, Galisteo, Stanley.

Mileage? 40? 60? 80? It will depend on time and the needs of my riding partner. We detour down NM14. Narrow, no shoulder but a popular loop from Santa Fe so drivers tend to know what they are in for. She is huffing and puffing. Shifting at odd times and her rhythm is off, but like always, she is happy and having fun. Her ancient Trek 8000 rusted, busted and creaking like an old ship. I can never seem to pry it away from her.

The history of the railroad is fascinating. Lamy was and is a strategic cog in the American expansion west.

Final stop, Lamy and the train. The depot has draft beer and I go for the pilsner. The summer lobster roll offering doesn’t start until three but we can’t wait that long, so we eat peanuts as our lips burn from the morning wind and sun. Cottonwoods sway with the building wind and the soon the whistle of the train is heard across the prairie. There are passengers. People come. People go. As they have for over a century.

The only machine slower than me on a bike.

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  1. This was wonderful, Daniel. Thank you for sharing. You inspired me to get back into cycling and shooting black and white with my XT-2 again. Cheers!

    1. Post

      Hey Carrie,
      Mission accomplished. If I can get you on your bike with camera in hand I’ve done my job. Now, go get someone else to join you!

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