BikeLife: New Mexico Episode 001

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Yes, I know I have a gap in my teeth. I’ve had it since I was a kid. And I know I’m mangy and haven’t showered in two days. And I know this film is rough and unpolished. But stay with me. I’m gonna get good at this. I can feel it.

We all make mistakes. The bike can be a way of reconciliation with mood or physical being. The bike is painfully simple. Breath, pedal, shift. When you are on that saddle nothing else really matters. For this reason, the bike acts as therapy of sorts.

The last few days have seen me in a serious health trough. Came out of nowhere but felt like a Lyme relapse. This feeling is specific, and I’ve felt it many times over the past six years so I know what I’m edging into. So today on the bike was a test. I needed to try it. Get out, go. Take it slow but see what emerges from the engine inside.

It worked. Around mile fourteen. The veil came down. Like the snap of fingers. I ended up riding for thirty-one and then walked another five back in town. The lesson is to go even when it may not feel right. Go anyway. Take it slow but just go. Those miles can work out the tightest of kinks.

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