BikeLife: Know When to Fold Em

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I know, cycling as a lifestyle is a long way from becoming the norm here in America but a guy can dream, can’t he? We have legit issues, roadblocks, and realities here but why not at least start to address them. One of the best ways of doing that is to strategize about what bike will work. Folding bikes are a very unique tool and something I feel just might represent the style of bike that makes serious inroads into tipping the auto to bike ratio. These bikes are not perfect, nor will they work for each and every situation but they are getting better and better and are an absolute blast to ride. Let’s have a look at ONE option, a super commuter from Tern.

The Verge S8i is the world’s most versatile ultra-low-maintenance folding bike. It’s designed around a Gates belt drive and Shimano’s 8-speed internal-gear Alfine hub. The result is a practically silent super-computer with no greasy parts or protruding derailleurs, plus a gear range for any incline. The S8i has an extra-long wheelbase and Schwalbe Big Apple tires, so it rolls confidently over any and all potholes. It will get you there quickly, cleanly and most importantly, in style.

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  1. This was very cool Dan! I love my bike but live in an area that is not terribly bike friendly. I live 6 miles from the beach and can not get there without crossing and or riding down state highways! The only place I can ride safely is around my neighborhood and surrounding ones. That becomes a little dull so I don’t ride as much as I’d like.

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      I just rode to a meeting with my boss. Six miles round trip. Pure awesome. You can do it too. The highway thing is a real issue.

  2. In the last few years the amount of roadies using lights in the daytime has doubled. I use them all the time now when out on the gravel or road bike.

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      It’s so easy and so effective. I want to get a dyno hub so I’m on all the time without having to charge and recharge.

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