BikeLife: Fall Blast

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Temperature at breakfast: 27 degrees. Temperature when I started riding: 50 something.

Welcome to fall in the Land of Enchantment. Yes, I bought gloves but I bought what I would call “fall gloves” and not “winter gloves,” which are a must-have. As is something to cover my feet. And a better base layer. And a windproof but not waterproof layer of some sort. I don’t like buying stuff. I really don’t but it’s either buy this stuff or stop riding during winter. I have also bookmarked the southernmost towns in New Mexico so when it’s subzero up here I can flee south and ride the border.

I keep going round and round about getting a Fuji 50r but then I keep thinking “Do I REALLY need that?” Now, I have valid reasons for wanting one, and two new projects where this camera would be IDEAL, not to mention it looks like I’ll be returning to Albania and that story would be wonderful with this baby, but the camera is also $4000 and that is a lot of change. So, for now, I’ll stay with my fancy two-gun rig of XT2 x2.

I’m about to drop some localism on you so brace yourself. New Mexico has the best skies of any location I’ve ever experienced. And it’s not even close. I’ve had good other places but I reserve truly great for this place. And yesterday when I first looked up after cresting the first hill and thinking I was going to die, I was rewarded with the fancy sky you see above. Suddenly my burning legs and lungs didn’t seem so bad.

So how many of you have dusted off that old bike that’s been lurking in the dark places of your garage? How many of you are standing naked in front of the mirror asking your spouse “Do my legs look any bigger?” “Am I shredded?” Be honest. I do this to my wife at least three times a day. She loves it. I swear. So, much more BikeLife on the way here at Shifter along with many more photography related posts. I’ve got plans.

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  1. After reading your cycling blogs of late, I have been feeling inspired to start loosing some weight with the old “push iron” so just the other day I went into the garage to dig out my old bike. I suddenly realise I had thrown it away because it drowned in the big floods we had here last year! I guess I’m going to have to spend some more money too!

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      You can get a great bike now for not a lot of money. And if you live near an REI they have a great policy for bikes.

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