BikeLife: Episode 11

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I know that many of you are here for photography-related films. Makes sense seeing as I spent most of my adult life as a working photographer. However, my life isn’t all about photography although I guess one could say even these “unrelated” films are still about capturing images.

I, like most of us, have a wide range of both personal and professional responsibilities. Most of the time, these work as restrictions to the things I would be doing if left to my own devices. So making a quick film about BikeLife is a relief in some ways. It’s just pure me for no reason other than to be creative and active. This is why I will continue with films outside of the straight photography experience.

Script: Pain and cadence. At 7000 feet in the high desert, it’s about the green, the yellow, and the red. Even leaving the neighborhood the fringes of red will creep if one is not careful, but the truth is the pain is partly why I’m here. Pain triggers our natural defense mechanisms and enhances our motivation. And pain is a counterbalance to the often-mundane aspects of modern life. This cycling life is self-indulgent, at least in some ways, which pain helps to offset. Cadence works to regulate the levels coming and going with terrain and mindset. Cadence also works like self-hypnosis allowing the brain to both focus and relax. Many of my best ideas come from time on the bike when all that matters is the burn of breath in then out. Mind lost on the battlefields of right and wrong, essential and extravagant or even impractical. Cycling clearly shows you the boundaries of both body and mind.

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  1. This was really cool Dan! It came at the right time too! Our bikes from Priority arrive today and I’m excited to get out there and do some riding…joining the bike life!

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      Oh man, you are on the spring shipment list. Congrats. I have a friend here in town who is most likely having to wait till fall…..and he is BUMMED.

    2. Hi Dan,

      I’m guessing that your friend got a much more sophisticated bike than we did but I did get an email from priority that the bike we purchased is in stock and shipping immediately. Just thought I would pass this along.

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  2. Got a package of Tim Tams in the mail today, very tasty.
    Had to put away after eating more than a few.
    Damn you (you got me hooked), a tasty treat.
    Got both the motorcycle and bicycle out for a short jaunt today.
    Bicycle has not been out for 9 years. A short 20 minute ride,
    you inspired me to get on the thing.
    Now making a hearty beef stew to warm me up.


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      Now I feel like I’ve done something good. The bike is a life-changing device. So are Tim Tams.

  3. The stabilization on that camera is amazing.
    Oh and the beef stew was amazing, few hot peppers added.


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