BikeLife: Episode 008

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Journal entry, mid-pandemic, New Mexico 2020

Vortex of slate
A push from Cortez
A pull from the thirst of
The great aridness
Colliders, once, these great beasts
We hope for them yet know
Control is just beyond us, always
Rhythmic breathing and the cadence
Of thought when left alone
These are the power spots
Moments unadorned with the
Vision of others
Corrupters. Traveling not through
A physical world
But through the crystal clear
Portal of fear, doubt, and placement
Where do we belong
Fragments return, the course grinds Shifting eyes as each movement
Reveals consequence and isn’t this
What we yearn for? Ask for? Demand even? but who are we to make the rules.
Tread neural, fleeting, waiting to be Released from their brief history.
Flicker upon flicker upon flicker as
The miles tick by. Alone, all alone yet
Deep into another place and time
Behind the veil I remain, the gauze of Protection, transparent when we want it
To be and opaque like the deepest, darkest parts of what we fear most. This is the game We play it, all of us, win or lose.

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  1. Excellent. All of it. I nuked my IG accounts yesterday. I haven’t been on there much the past 6 months, especially on the phone, but I kept the account so I could see what friends were up to. I’ll miss some things about it. And I won’t rule out firing up the long forgotten flickr account. But for now it’s just the blog. On the less interesting gear front – what’s the current term for a bike like that, that exists between mountain and road?

    1. Post

      Well, the hottest genre in cycling is gravel. They are selling nine gravel bikes for every road bike. You can set them up in a myriad of ways.

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