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We often live parallel lives. I know I do. There is the world of my mind and my belief that I am still eighteen years old, and then there is the reality staring back at me. As we get older these players seem to spend more time with one another. Trading stories, feats, and goals. What should have been an easy ride turned into something more and all of it was my fault. But what can I learn and what will this knowledge do to my dreams?

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  1. At 70, I just tell the 18 year old to shut the hell up. He was clueless then and even more so now.

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  2. was this from last saturday? what did you eat during the ride? gel packs are your friend. at least one per hour.

    you could totally do the dirty kanza. if i had a gravel bike, i’d go with you.

    oh, on a bike, i’m totally 18 which sends bec into a tailspin of worry like you wouldn’t believe. one more month until the bike parks open. woohoo!

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      What is the bike park? There is no way in Hell I could do 200 miles on gravel. As for what I ate….not enough. as for what I drank, not enough. I do this to myself all the time. I love how my body feels when empty, and for most of my daily routine that is fine. But for riding it is not and I know I’m doing it and still do it. I have a gravel bike you can ride……Bianchi D2 Carbon Cross. With 40mm Schwalbe’s or Nanos.

    2. the bike park is the wonderful world of downhill riding. i didn’t go at all last summer and since i didn’t ski this year, i’m looking forward to it. keystone resort has long trails, low crowds and pretty technical riding. trestle at winter park has more crowds but extremely well built, buffed out trails. fast and flowy.

      fuel your body. fuel your ride. order some gel packs from hammer. they don’t look like much but they’re perfect fuel.

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