Bike Life: A New Category, A New Goal

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Whoever invented the Porta-Potty is a genius, and I want to discuss this further but first I need to make an announcement. I have a new category here at Shifter. BIKELIFE.

This is LONG overdue but I have a sinking suspicion that this will become a serious part of my present and future. “We don’t like our heroes to change,” someone said to me yesterday in reference to this “change” in the site. First, if I’m your hero then you have serious issues, but more importantly, this new category isn’t the only category, just a change in the wind. I also have new photography-related things happening but I’ll save those for later.

BikeLife is about activism but the activism of ONE man. Me. My first thought was a YouTube channel but I’m not going that route. I’m going old school. Stills and copy. Just like all my other work. I don’t have the time or desire to do the motion. I just don’t. I’ve tried. My goal is to deliver my bike lifestyle and the fun, poignant aspects of this life and why I think they are so important to the future.

I want you on a bike. And your family, and your friends and your neighbors. And if your ass never sees a bike seat my only goal is to educate you about why I think this tool is such a great thing for our country and world. And I just hope I can convince you to be neutral, to be open-minded about possibility. I’m not the guy who is going to block traffic and pound on your hood. That doesn’t’ work. And it surely isn’t original.

There is too much negative s$#$ in the world today, so my BikeLife content is going to be positive, fun and will also include solid content in terms of photography. At least I hope so. I feel like I don’t have a choice. I feel like I need to focus and to get involved. I hope you enjoy the ride. (Pun intended.) More on the Porta-Potty later.

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      Get out there. Start small and then go big. I’ve got many plans for this bike life….

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