Amsterdam Journal Three

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I didn’t intend to make this series of images, nor did I connect them until after the fact. A good metaphor for life maybe. Poor bugger. Yesterday was another nice day here. Bits of rain but mostly sun. Lots of computer time, but a chance for a short walk to lunch followed by a chance to present to the Amsterdam Photo Club. I love presenting. I use my “public” persona, the extravert model, serial number #38124. My public persona has a fast processor and huge buffer. He just keeps talking.
Often times people think I’m going to talk about software, color management, etc., which frankly bores me to death. I talk about how to MAKE things, and how to MAKE things that different from what people expect. Oddly enough, photographers tend to be very conservative when it comes to their work, doing what they have seen done before, or doing what is hot at the moment, but the real pioneers of publishing try all kinds of things. Not everything works, but if you aren’t failing on a regular basis you aren’t really trying.
We met in a location overlooking the entire city, near the Central Station. The light was beautiful, we had a private balcony and they even gave me a microphone, which makes #38124 really shine. The club members were fun because they were active and asked a lot of questions. Self-publishing can be complicated, so getting a chance to grill four Blurb employees at one time is indeed a good thing if the intricacies of putting your work in print are a high priority.
What’s odd is the real me has been running on 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Inside out on this trip for some reason, which would normally incapacitate the real me, and would even impact #38124’s hydraulic fluid reserves. I’m sure this will catch up with me, but until then I’ve got to embrace the silent stretches of night that push sleep to the edges of what’s possible.

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  1. This sounds like a neat trip. I’d attend a Blurb event in the future if I had the opportunity, it sounds interesting. I think my next book may even be a Blurb book. They’re very attractive and the pricing is great.

    What are you capturing these images with? I haven’t done any photography in several years, but I dug out my Minolta yesterday and I’m rediscovering it. I forgot how great it feels to hold a camera and now I can’t put it down! I have a Pentax out for repairs that I can’t wait to get my hands on as well, I think taking photos may be my summer fun this year.

    That dead pigeon is gruesome but the shape of it is really beautiful, it’s an abstraction of a living thing.

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      I’m using a Fuji x100T. SUPER light and totally silent. Built in 35mm lens. Pick up your camera! And yes, that bird went from in flight to art!

  2. THANK YOU, Blurb roadshow team, Daniel Milnor and kjell Leknes and Megan Alter from Amsterdam Photo Club for an amazing, inspiring and motivating evening at SkyLounge in Amsterdam. Wonderfull location with a gorgeous view over the city. Well hosted and yummy drinks and bites served, while the sun set. I learned a great deal about publishing my photographs and you really gave us some great tips on putting together a book. Even though i’m an amateur photographer who should pick up his camera more often, i’m inpired to make my work publicly available. Why wait for someone to find your work after you’re dead like Vivian Meyer…… Right?
    THANKS SO MUCH, Joris.
    PS; i’m exploring your work 😉

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      Thank you for those kind words. Appreciate you taking the time to come see us and for taking time to share your thoughts. Vivian Meyer has really struck a chord with people, in a good way, and yes she proof it’s just about the work.

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