Adventure: There is Always The Time

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Beauty. Molecules. Us, them, it as it should be. All one and the same. Breath as frozen vapor. Single digits. Layered up but wondering about the combination. Oxygen choices. Limited conversation. Friends don’t need to say a thing.

Trail winding upwards. Suddenly there is beauty. Beyond average, beyond normal. Fiesty squalls across the valley floor, our world dark then light then dark again. Digits warm then cold then forgotten as what lies in front becomes impossible to ignore.

This is rare. My brain knows this and the words become faulty. How does one describe such a thing? Better not to. Just open those lids wide to the burn of the elements and do your best to remember the detail. Heart rate elevated, eyes on full power and memory challenged to reach new levels of detail. What more could there be?

Lives made of barriers, fabricated, masticated and then served to all but once faded they will never return. Once the door is opened, ever so slight, there won’t ever be anything else. Promise, hope and perceived relevance.

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  1. Here’s to a good end of the year and a great start to the next one. Very glad to have found your little corner of the web this year.

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  2. Dan,

    I really do like taking photo of clouds. Which film did you use on your Fuji, Acros or Monochrome ? And you edit your photos directly on your camera or on lightroom ?

    Thanks for your posts.

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      I just shoot in color and use a present in Lightroom. I never edit anything in camera. At least I don’t remember doing so.

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