Adventure: Texas Training

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Yesterday I drove 1200 miles straight. Twenty-one-hours. Not recommended. But traffic returning to SoCal on a holiday weekend is biblical in proportion, and I have work to do, so it was required. Got out last week. Seems like a year ago but it was last week. Big Bend National Park. I had not ventured to these parts since 1991 when I was attending school in Austin. My roommate and I drove out in my old Landcruiser. We had very little camping gear so it was a hot, dirty, uncomfortable trip. I also had something fall from the sky in the middle of the night and smash out the grill of my truck. And I hit a buzzard at 60mph doing further damage. But the place was magical, still is if you can stomach the crowds. This past week was a holiday so I’m granting a pass, and perhaps if more people visit these places they will become more active in attempting to save them. And they NEED saving. Just ask the Trans Pecos Pipeline.

Also got to hit my favorite Central Texas fishing hole. Three massive strikes. Zero fish. I’m sloppy. Still, anytime I get a chance to wet a line it’s well worth the broken dreams. Saw family, saw a few friends and got to watch the sunrise with mom. All in all, a grand time.

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  1. Hey Milnor. Haven’t been by the site in a while so just catching up. I see you have been your usual busy self – and – I see by this post that you have managed to break Mrs Smogranch in the process! Tell her we thank her for taking one for the team…and tell yourself you are a selfish bastard but we love you for it.

    All the best,

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