Adventure: Suggestions, Five Bikes

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I’m no bike expert. Let’s get that straight right from the beginning. (Famous for talking centimeters instead of millimeters.) But in today’s market, the average consumer has hundreds of bike options, something that can often make the entire process of getting a bike feel a bit overwhelming. I’m here to help with my pseudo-random suggestions.

I’m aiming mostly at gravel style bikes because they offer a jack of all trades strategy allowing for the end-user to set up the bike in a myriad of ways. Road, bikepacking, commute, tour, or cyclocross if you are feeling frisky. Cycling, in my humble opinion, is one of the best modes of exercise ever devised. The bicycle has been one of the most strategic inventions in history that also comes with a remarkable ROI, both financial and physical.

Salsa Journeyman

Trek Dual Sport 4

Priority 600

Specialized Diverge

Jamis Renegade

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  1. I do love me some pretty bikes. I’m not ready to upgrade my current whip yet, but I’ll keep these in mind when I do. There’s also a small bike builder here in NJ, Van Dessel, that I’ve lusted after for a number of year now. Lots of versatility, pretty frames and components, too.

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  2. And the bicycle is one of the most brilliant inventions of all time, a design so brilliant that once the bicycle chain was invented (instead of the direct drive thing with pedals directly on the front wheel), the design was pretty much nailed!

    I only own 2 bicycles at the moment, but could own 5 or 10 easy if I had the money. It is by far the most fun way of transportation, and here in Copenhagen also by far the most efficient fastest form of transpot so more than 30% commute by bike to work. Providing bicycle infrastructure is absolute key.

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      Don’t rub it in. We are still selling off public and sacred lands for extraction while the radicalized public rages at each other. Bikes are a long shot here but I’m willing to give it a go. Denmark has too much common sense.

  3. I love riding my grandfather was a cyclist and was technical director for Uruguay in several olympics. I ride an urban minimalist bike from a German builder that I truly love. For everyday purposes its fantastic. Is track frame with a carbon belt. Absolutely silent bike with no maintenance what so ever.

    Since the pandemic started I’ve stopped playing tennis and all I do is ride, and really enjoy it. Even inside on top of the roller. That has gotten me more interested in a hybrid bike and the idea of riding longer distance. So, if I end up going this way and buying a new bike I’ll tell Clara it was your fault 😉

    Dan, I have the original route of the first ‘vuelta ciclista del Uruguay’. Both my grandpa and grad-uncle competed and won it. I’ve been meaning to recreate it and make into a photo project. Are you up for your second trip to Uruguay? This time with the Leica and the bike? I want a partner for this project…

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      MARTIN!!!!! In short, HELL YES. I’m totally in. We have to wait for Covid to shake out but I”m totally game. We got a roller too, during winter, which was a godsend. I can’t ride when it’s below 30 degrees. I’m a wuss. Don’t tell Clara, just hide the bike at Diego’s house!

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      I’m in love with the idea of Pinion or Rohloff. I will probably stay with chain at the moment but if at some point I can really tour I’d seriously look at Rohloff as my bike is compatible.

  4. I am considering an Electric Bike. I think it may be the answer to the question “How are we going to expand a national network of bike paths to promote bicycling as an alternative to fossil fuels for transportation?” I am thinking of older people like me, who would use a bike for routing errands but may struggle with physical limitations due to age, even if they are in a relatively good physical condition.

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      I know tons of people who have them and love them. I say go for it. Get the wind in your hair.

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