Adventure: Red on Brown

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Signs you are about to undergo a midlife crisis. Number one, you take up birding. Check. Central Texas. On a family, humanitarian mission. For those of you who know my mother, well, we begin anew with the next chapter in life. She and I relive some old memories, create a few new and study the virus outbreak. Audie Murphy on the box, classical on the radio and the computer is still a mystery to both of us.

Northern Cardinal. (Don’t quote me on any of these.)

Today the sun shines but this is first we have seen of the glowing orb since my landing here a few short days ago. Overcast broken by moments of extreme calm followed by hail, high wind, and pouring rain. Welcome to Texas.

The birds are out in force. Every color and size imaginable. They are glorious. And they sound off without a care in the world. Well, outside of the food chain. Small birds have to look up, see what’s above because as they say “There is always someone tougher.”

Northern Cardinal

I sit on the porch with 400mm and a small machine that plays birdsong. The cardinals look at me like I’m a long lost relative. “Who the F are you?” they ask as the aperture opens and closes. I marvel at the design, the color, the grace, and the speed. These moments make the world a better place because they make me a better human.

Ladderback Woodpecker

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  1. I’m in Australia at the moment and I have a 45-200mm zoom (90-400mm in FF) with me that’s supposed to be for photographing the kids out in the ocean learning to surf. But the birds here are amazing and I’ve found myself pointing it towards the trees instead. Nobody told me this happens once you pass 40!

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      Well, maybe that means I ate tomorrow’s breakfast at 2:30PM the day before?

  2. Been capturing the Cardinals here in Oak Hill with my X-mount also. Thanks for the stories and inspiration btw.

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      NICE. I saw a Bluejay earlier. No big thing. Lots of ravens. A redtail hawk now and again.

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