Adventure: Out on the Fringe

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Two days in the field. Felt like I needed to move mountains to get this time but the moment I left the house the rest of my world just faded away. In two days I’ve forgotten passwords, forgotten to-do lists, forgotten nearly everything. This makes me feel like I need to make a huge change. What that is, not entirely sure.

Dazed and Confused. Halfway through my coffee but not yet fully alert. Would have been easy prey for mountain lion, bear, or rabid coon. That is the river behind me, totally frozen over. I’m wearing three layers and soaking up the morning sun.

I feel like I need an extended trip, something that harkens back to the time before the phone, laptop, and digital umbilical. I really need it. No set path, not intimate timeline, or dreaded “content schedule.” But doing so is outside the bounds of what people now consider normal, at least for someone in my position, and it’s not like my position isn’t STELLAR. (great job, decent health.) Perhaps it is balance that solves this riddle. The vaccination, the spacing of C19 loosens the grip and the van aims toward unknown compass points.

“Plata” parked for the night up a valley and near a river. Just getting here required a few scouts on foot. Judging the depth of mud and snow. Stopped by Wayfarer on Friday afternoon to get a few ad ons and say hello to the team. Cool people who make a product that changed my life.

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  1. Daniel,
    I sympathize completely!
    Still stuck in a C19 mandated one year (already !) unplanned exile I realize that I’m missing nothing more than the outdoors a few steps out of my (Patagonia) doors: mountains, forests, rivers and lakes and me and myself. A kayak, a tent and a jetboil…

    As soon as restrictions loosen the grip on my plans I’ll be out exploring the wide open spaces, in a different country and a different kind of vehicle.

    All the best for finding more of that elusive balance!


    Oh, I know where you are – that white streak in the top picture gave it away…. lol

  2. Most excellent.
    Getting away is a necessity. Especially in these times and your busy work schedule.
    Squeeze in more for yourself.
    The world can wait.
    I am retired now and it is nice to be away from the rat race and gore of my former career.
    Live free and keep writing and vlogging the cool stuff.

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      The “R” word sounds amazing. I would be like a dog being let out of the kennel.

    2. Be careful what you wish for. Having retired at a “young” fifty nine, it’s been my life for the last two years. I thought I was all set until I realized what everyday would be like: What do I do today? Play music (bass and guitar), go for a bike ride or go take pics? The stress can sometimes be unbearable. :-O

      Retirement came after working for “The Man” for thirty five years. In order to cut expenses, he was going to pay me to leave! Who can say no to that?

      What “The Man” provided was a purpose. Now I’m on my own.

      I miss the podcast but it’s not like you’re not everywhere else. Take care.

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  3. I hear you Dan.
    Great spot.
    My 2 to 3 day trips every fortnight or month with the van is the reason I can still cope with the CV19 madness.
    I cycled 103k yesterday in the freezing NE wind. Had a total of 6 layers covering me up. Silly me forgot to slip on the shoe covers 😉 Still frozen toes!
    Stay warm!

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  4. Dan,
    C19 is having an effect upon folk now. I’ve been locked down in London since just after Christmas. Not until April 12th will pubs and restaurants be open for outdoors only. There is claustrophobia and anxiety building day by day. The dependency on computers and digital apparatus is also tiresome. I can almost breathe the crisp air in your pictures. If there is one thing we can extract from this entrapment, it is the joy we get from being free in nature. These difficult times and drift away from the “normal” life we’ve previously experienced will almost certainly focus the lens of life more intensely. When we feel this way, the best place to go is where you are now……….take it all in and free up the lungs and mind.

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      Hey brother, we’ll get there. We have to find little victories. I am fortunate due to where I live. We got out of California just in time. And I could easily spend all my time on this property. Pull things in a bit. But, the van allows for us to travel without contact with anyone so no danger of either getting virus or getting it and spreading it.

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