Adventure: One Point Five Inches

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We had our first dabble a few weeks ago. But this time it’s for real. It might not be much, 1.5 inches, but for these parts is a CRITICAL aspect of life that can’t be undersold. Moisture in any form is in rare supply here. Vapor, liquid, frozen, etc.

I’m posting this due to how many people I’ve encountered who seem mystified by the fact it snows in New Mexico. It does. See. I’ve seen nearly two feet in one storm. Now, that’s rare but days like today are common, at least in wet years. There were winters in the past decade where there was no snow. None. Gone. Nada. Adios.

So when it dumps like this I tend to stop what I’m doing and take a moment to appreciate the fragility of this place.(It kept snowing and we got more than expected.) I grew up in snowy parts but it has been a long while since I’ve lived full-time in a place like this. These days remind me of my childhood, waiting for Santa and layering up with my brother and sister to venture forth into the white void. (My brother froze snowballs laden with gravel in the freezer and would then aim them at my face and head.)

There is a peacefulness of these times that I can’t stress enough. Snow complicates but if you feel frustrated just stop, look up and stick your tongue out. Nobody will judge.

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      I’m in the middle somewhere. I was built for heat but am learning to love the cold, once again.

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