Adventure: New Mexico Training

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Up the hill once again. This time with friends. I hadn’t touched my bike in three weeks, which was reason for me to be curious as to how I’d ride. When I ride frequently I can feel myself finding better fitness, but man does it go away quickly when you don’t work out/ride.

Up early and the great slog begins. The National Forest is closed so the vehicle traffic is at a minimum. No smoke from fires but plenty of deer and lesser creatures as the light filters backlit through the trees.

You’ve heard me talk of this ride before. I can ride it pretty easily now, so I’ll spare the details. My point with posting this is to hopefully push any of you who are on the fence to get out and ride/hike/paddle/climb, etc. You don’t have to ride far or fast. Just ride.

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  1. Haha… So great to read. I recently started riding again. A friend of mine has a spare bike and we had a long ride and now my butt hurts. I’m considering of buying a bike very very soon. It was so much fun and I was so exhausted but so happy. So hope to ride with you very soon! 😉

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      I’m now back in CA with no car. So…bike it is. And all my “good” bikes are in NM, so I’m reduced to old single speed.

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