Adventure: Meet Paco and Juanita

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I don’t know their real names. They could be “Sits with Wolf,” and “Sun Rises over Prairie Grass.” Or it could be “Dave and Julie.” Seeing as this is a Spanish speaking community I’m going with Paco and Juanita. Piñon Jays if I am not mistaken but I might be. So many birds look so similar but I THINK these are Piñon Jays and they are building a small housing complex right outside my bedroom window.

And yes, they find me slightly perturbing. I can tell. If I’m inside shooting out, they don’t care. But when I establish myself on the patio, perhaps my favorite location at my new home, I can sense a feeling of disgust coming from Paco and Juanita. They have a schedule to keep and this giant bird with his giant lens are slowing things down.

Morning, noon and night these folks are at work. The piñon they have chosen for their nest shakes and quakes as they form the superstructure that will be their home. Paco sits in the treetops looking for danger while Juanita goes to work. Then they seem to switch. They also spend a fair amount of time on the ground scouting for the perfect 2×4 or main beam. Bits and pieces fall as they work. “Where do they sleep?” my wife asks as she sits in the kitchen window sipping her coffee and trying to comprehend nature. “No idea,” I reply. “No idea.”

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  1. Greetings Dan,

    I enjoy reading your blog, thank you. I am not normally much for commenting, but being a long time birder I would point out that you are referring to a pair of Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jays. I believe you would have come to the same conclusion as you continue to consult your various field guides, whether digital or paper.

    Thanks again for your efforts and happy birding.

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      HA! I knew it was 50/50. I kept finding images that looked like Piñon and then the next would not. I suck at birding but it sure is fun. Thanks for correcting me. These seemed too blue for Piñon but they sure are nesting in a Piñon. Finch post tomorrow so brace yourself, they might be falcons.

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      Oh ya. 50-140 2.8. Best zoom I’ve ever owned. Bought it solely for an ongoing project in California but now that birding has become a daily thing it has come in super handy.

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