Adventure: Man Down

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Or maybe it’s woman down? How does one tell? No idea. As I mentioned in my recent film, I’m back on the bike. After coming to a full understanding of just how badly we botched the virus response I realized it would be months, perhaps more than a year, before things are “normal,” again. And I need to maintain my health.

So, it goes like this. Up at 5 or 5:30 AM. Coffee and read until about 6:30. On bike by 7. Ride for roughly two hours. This can be as low as twenty-miles or as high as thirty depending on route, wind, etc. Then, on the weekends, much longer distances. Nothing fast mind you. Remember, I’m not a great cyclist nor am I a good cyclist. What I am is an AVID cyclist. There is a significant difference.

Riding early and watching the day begin is such a wonderful thing. My body is now in “summer” mode which means I wake up naturally at about 5AM. My eyes see the glow on the horizon and my mind starts thinking about how nice it will be to feel the wind in my face, the burning in my lungs and the chaffing on my ass. Okay, the ass part I made up but you know what I mean. Go ride.

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  1. I really do not like snakes. I know that’s not really being fair to the snake world. But I am hard-wired – snakes freak me out.

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