Adventure: Giving Thanks

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Looking south toward the Sandias from Sun Mountain, Thanksgiving 2018

“You know,” a friend said. “I could have paid more in taxes, could have done more and would still have been okay.” “I saw a homeless guy earlier who had everything on this back.” “How can we live in the most advanced country in the history of our planet and not take care of the poor?”

I have my thoughts on this matter, but standing on top of the small peak this morning I had a moment or two to catch my breath and my thoughts. Shirt soaked in sweat, turning cold in the fortyish air. “What’s next?” I wondered. In many ways, I feel like I haven’t started my life yet. There is still so much to do, but the only reason I can say this and feel this way is that I was born a child of privilege. Okay, not lifestyles of the rich and famous level of privilege, but comfortable. Had good parents who tested us, took us places and encouraged us to learn. This was the real gift, nearly impossible to understand at the time, but it truly was a gift. The gift of chance. The gift of having viable options.

I have much to be thankful for. Family, wife, job, pseudo-health, and yes, a Sony on loan. I know what you jackals are thinking. I’ve always felt to be a good human being I need to think about you a little more than I think about me. This isn’t always easy, but it’s required. I think as a collective we’ve gotten away from this, and hey, I’m no saint, not by a long shot. I’m wrapped up in my head most of the time if you weren’t able to figure that out by now.

So a short list of recent thanks are in order but in no particular order. Thanks to the person who made the muffins I just ate. Potentially the best muffins I’ve ever had. I WILL find who made them. Thanks to J and E and Z and C, who I hope read this and know who I’m referring to. Thanks to this family for reminding me what the potential of a smart, motivated unit can be. Thanks to the new friends I met this morning. Thanks to my wife who is in transition at the moment but who is becoming more and more alive each day. Watching and listening to her get excited about potential new adventures is more satisfying than having my own adventures, for sure. Thanks to my mom who just got her first iPhone and then proceeded to hang up on me three straight times. Thanks to E and J for allowing me to stay in their house and who always make me think about the future. And for letting me do yoga in the middle of their house. And for not drinking my gluten-free beer. Thanks to all the authors who made my life richer over this past year. Thanks to the artists I’ve met who always make feel motivated to learn and try new things. Thanks to E my boss at Blurb, and the rest of the team who are intelligent, fun and easy to work with. And thanks to anyone fighting the good fight, whatever that might be.

Now, let’s get back to work eating our body weight in turkey. Thanks to gluttony.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, and helping to enable us also to be creative.

    We just this afternoon drove back to the ABQ from Santa Fe, I saw almost this exact scene.

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  2. Hola Senior Smog Ranch. Been catching on all your posts as it has been quite a while since I stopped by. I figured this post was the most appropriate to comment on…and I’ll do that with a ‘hell ya brother!’…thankful for all your insightful tidbits over the years. Keep on, keeping on. 😉


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