Adventure: First Official New Mexico Ride

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Sure, I’ve been here for years, but this was the first ride as a full-time New Mexican. Still working on my paperwork, ID’s, plates, etc. but I’ll get there. It was cold, colder than I thought it would be at 5:30 AM.

This is a basic, warmup ride, but a fun one with good, short climbs, and long downhills. One section of sketchy road but otherwise a morning gem that is part ritual part workout. My goal is to do this ride 3-4 times per week in addition to my main rides.

I rode the Salsa today, which is slower, heavier but man does it soak up the mess that is the local roads, and at one point I just moved over and rode on the shoulder through glass, rock, loose chunks of asphalt, no big deal. Even had to bunny hop a diaper at one point. What the $%$# with people throwing so many diapers out the window. I swear they rival beer bottles as the main offenders. Littering has to be one of the most bullshit moves you can make. Oh, and almost ran over a sizeable snake. I think it was a Bull.

I’ve been using something called Maurten for my fuel needs and I have to say, it works. My body seems to love this stuff. I use the gel before the ride and the bottle mix during. This is important not only for during the ride but after. I seem to never crash after, energy-wise, not hospital wise.

If any of you think this is a “solid” ride or something special just know a friend photographed today’s Dirty Kanza ride in Kansas which is a one-day, 200-mile race. If that’s not enough they added a special division that does a 350-mile one day. The DKXL. Thirty hours straight on the bike, through the night. Here is a short film about one of last year’s participants Rebecca Rusch. I tried to talk my brother, who does Ironmans, into doing the DK. His response, “You’re an idiot.”

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  1. There’s a special place in hell for those that litter… or at least there should be.

    1. Post

      What is SO odd is that people who litter often litter in their own neighborhood. It makes ZERO sense but does prove how many brainless bottom feeders are still capable of getting a driver’s license.

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