Adventure: Finch x2

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I think these finches are from England. I’m not sure why I believe this other than when I look at these birds I find myself speaking to them with an English accent. Simon and Lucy. Meet Simon and Lucy. They are distinguished. They are so beautiful and make their nest in a very slow and organized pace.

I don’t know which is which, who is who. But I can see in their tiny eyes how they love each other. The birding thing has been fascinating and not something I ever envisioned myself doing. Now I kick myself for not doing this fifty years ago. Okay, forty years ago.

I’m working on this project which is about the birds that live in the immediate area around my house. Spring is here and every day seems to bring a new mix to the party. I still don’t know much about birds but I’m learning. Add it to the daily mix of art, sketching, guitar, Spanish and now birding. A healthy list of things that still challenge me.

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  1. Beautiful photos Mr. Milnor.
    I think it’s going to be an awesome project. You need to have a lot of patience and good equipment to photograph birds. I don’t have much of experience but when I did some research some years back I found that all bird photographers had the fastest cameras and fastest telephoto zoom lenses of the brand they were using. So for the time being I only photograph seagulls, easy to find on the island, easy to photograph and combined with the old greek fishing boats they look amazing.
    Now to the real problem, the origin of the birds. I don’t know if both Simon and Lucy are from England but one of them is definitely. I am watching a series on Netflix called Outlander and when they refer to British Army they call them Redcoats. So there you have it, one of your birds is a Redcoat 🙂

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      I knew it! Hey, you can also shoot through binoculars with a short lens. I’ve done that a few times and it works. That solves the equipment issue. Kinda.

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