Adventure: Driving North

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A little business.

Mixed emotions when I turn north. Into this place.

This city.

There is pain here, unforgettable.

Moment of memory, so grand. Unrepeatable. And then.

It ended. Summer night. Decades ago.

Gunshots. Evil. The innocent, never supposed to be.

Impact. No chance.

Phone calls. Pain. Camera as my shield. A purpose.

So much time has passed. So much. Looking back on another life.

Even the concentration isn’t mine. Lost.

Maybe it was more of you, or you or you? Bad guys caught.

Trials and tribulations. Murder weapons. Closure, but not really.

Focus on what’s above the treeline. Squinting across the landscape.

Imagining what it would be like without us. Pristine. Wild.

Rain, hail. 92 to 64. Shiny line across the road. Cross it?

Should have been me maybe. Left with thoughts and wonder.

So sorry friend, cousin.

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  1. Even though this is a tough place for you to be, I appreciate you letting me know you were coming. It’ll be good to catch up. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  2. Beautiful writing, frightening and painful in its mystery….this warrants a few espressos when we next meet.

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      I had put these thoughts and this place in a vault, but one small thing triggered a lot of memories. That’s life I guess. I’ll learn ya what went down. It was a bad deal. Go Uruguay!

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  3. I don’t do the social media stuff very often (frankly I stay away), but you take some great pictures. I hope the road your on leads you back home. And that means call me when you get here. You know where I am at. Oh, your getting old, you have missed the last 3.5 reunions, but really missed nothing but the same old same. Be safe!

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      It’s just a lime drink. Can we listen to Motley Crue? I’ll be back sometime in the fall/winter. Let’s connect.

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