Adventure: Deep Freeze

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Winter comes in waves. When temps begin with a four there is always room for discussion. When temps begin with a three much less so. And when temps begin with a two, or one or with a zero there is little room for dialogue. You endure, plain and simple. But there is one slight temptation that makes it right. The sun.

One thing I love about this place is that even when the temps are below freezing, even for extended periods, New Mexico is still sunny. The sun tricks you into thinking things aren’t that bad. The sun tricks you into thinking it’s not that cold. The sun on your face makes you think your body is still warm.

Now when the temps start with a four I think “T-shirt weather.” January, February, and March are when the cold seeps bone depth. The days grow longer and promise the change of season. Our goal is to ride it out until then. Think about tomorrow and wait for that all-knowing sun.

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