Adventure: Death Valley Update

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The shifting of transmissions, large and small, as they make their way up the eleven percent grade from the valley floor. The smart ones, the ones who have seen the light, move the slowest, heads aimed equally ahead and to the left. Oh, this place.

Man scarred this land. Track, rut, road and path, but it feels like the place just shrugs it off as if the land knows something we humans do not. Perhaps there is no question who will win in the end. The rocks I stand upon were once under water of great depth. Wisped away, pushed out and dispersed elsewhere. Like a bodybuilder, the Earth sucked in the gut and exhaled out the ripped abs of the desert. Lean and mean.

The impact of this place has made me rethink many things. The icebergs of my mind calving off, turning over and standing as symbols of the change that is nearly upon me. I am ready. I am more than ready. There will be a disconnect and connect happening simultaneously. Leads to the battery of life. Red on red, black on black.

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  1. your words and your photos always have a way of touching my soul my friend. i hope whatever pending change you have in front of you brings peace in your world.

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