Adventure: California Training

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So two days ago I did a ride at 6AM and the temperature was 44 degrees. Not that bad. But on the back side of the Back Bay it was 34 degrees. And I don’t have gloves. So by mile six my hands were so numb and red and painful all I could think about was finishing the ride so I could put my hands under hot water. The following day I did this hike at the same time and the weather was cold but sunny. Sunrise over the Pacific is something. Even with the smog blanketing Catalina Island like someone poured coffee over the ocean. A bit over seven miles with lots of steep ups and downs. So steep in places it’s easy to run them than try to walk. For some reason seven miles SEEMS like a long way to me, but it’s not. It’s easy. I’m physically at the point where I’m now looking for a bit more challenge with I think will come in the form of running this route, first in one direction then eventually in both out and back. We’ll see. I find that exercise is CRITICAL in finding balance in life. I could have easily said to the lads “Sorry guys, too much to do, can’t make the hike.” After all it’s almost two hours. Then I could have sat at home doing email, DM’ing, scheduling meetings, etc. But all those things are still there when I get back from the hike. The difference is, post hike, I feel GREAT. And my energy flows all day long.

Okay, have done this hike three times since I created this post. Always worth the effort.

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  1. Have you seen Bar Mitts? My wife has them on her short list of things to acquire, and we are no acquisitive people. But anyways, no specific reviews from here, just “holy cow those look awesome”

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      Never seen them but know what they are. At least I think I do. I could use those in NM in the spring/fall for sure. You notice I don’t say winter because I’m a total wuss.

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