Adventure: California Training

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So a new routine has emerged. My neighbors are riding now and they come from the rugby world. So, up at 6AM, then HAMMER a twelve mile loop complete with two hills which we ride twice each. Then home for yoga, and in the case of this particular day, back out for another 20+ on the bike. The first ride is a change up for me. I’m not fast on a bike, nor will I ever be, so riding right at the limit for twelve miles, then hammering short hills is a different kind of workout and MAN am I sucking wind. I think it’s actually been good for me. I’ll continue if I live.

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  1. Hey Daniel, I am neither hammering hills nor riding fast, but I get my hundred or so miles in each week, and boy do I appreciate that, having the time/opportunity to do that and living in a climate that lets me enjoy it year around. It has had a huge positive impact on my physical and mental health! Best wishes – christian

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