Adventure: BikeLife Episode 007

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Well, I had to rethink my pandemic cycling strategy. I’m back on the bike. With my history of respiratory issues, keeping in shape is essential. I wanted to provide a short take on how I’m riding, what I’m riding and the machine I’m riding upon. Be safe, go ride. If you want advice about riding, hit me up. I’m not a great cyclist. I’m not an expert. I’m just a guy who likes to ride, which is why I might be the perfect person to ask.

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  1. Hi Dan, I’d be really interested to hear you talked about regaining your fitness after Lyme. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is a post-viral condition. Before that, I was a fairly fit cyclist and climber. I’ve left it way too long (20+ years), ok to get through the day but not able to do any meaningful exercise.

    One of the small benefits of being furloughed for a few weeks, it’s given me time to reassess – many things, including my photography. I’d like to try to taper my cycling, back from being OK to ride around the neighbourhood but not much more. It would be great to hear your experiences, maybe on the podcast?
    Thanks and enjoy the ride!

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      I was going to make a short film about Lyme and what I did to recover. My fitness side started, stops and ends with…..YOGA. Yoga is the absolute key to everything else and was what got me headed in the right direction. This sounds odd, I know, but just listen. Yoga is about making a choice, a mental choice, or a decision to live a yoga life. Kindness, calmness, focus, practice and patience. If you do a basic routine for 2-3 weeks, daily, you will never even consider stopping. The clarity and feeling yoga brings, both mentally and physically, was the foundation of how I climbed out of Lyme. I’d start there and then add short bike trips in to gauge what the fallout might be. Happy to email with you if you want more data or books to get you started.

    2. Dan, thank you. Of all the possible responses to my question, I’d not considered you might suggest yoga! It’s not something I’ve ever tried. If you have a book recommendation or starting point I’d appreciate it.

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      Yes, I do. The first thing I would do is read “Wisdom of Yoga,” by Stephen Cope. This is not a book of poses. This is about where yoga came from and real-world examples of how it works. As for the physical part, there are MANY flavors of yoga, levels, ideas, etc. I’m going to do a film about myths that should be broken which I think would help a lot of people who find reasons NOT to do yoga. ANY series of basic poses, sun salutation for example is enough to keep you busy for years. No joke. Breathing and the mind come first, then the physical side.

  2. Hi Dan

    Id love to see your yoga film. I just turned 50, and all of a sudden invincible me has started breaking so its a bit of a wake-up call. I have been reasonably fit and healthy all of my life, have always lightly exercised and eaten reasonably well. My health and fitness more down to lifestyle than any concerted effort. I now realise that this might not be enough.

    Looking forward to it.

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      Yoga is a source. I’ll try to explain it in my film. Hard to put into words, but I’ll try. I too wake up some days and think “Uh oh.”

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