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  1. Dan
    I like your adventure running, cycling addition a lot.
    When looking at a handlebar picture I always try to describe the rider in my mind. The fixing tape says a lot, the white ends asymmetrical spread on the right and the left. The black to brown sweat residu on the Celeste green handlebar tape, it’s the proove of a lot of effort. And then the very nice Italian, the gentlemen’s Bianchi ( Coppi, Gimondi, ! Pantani !) with Deda and oh wait… Shimano… ? Surely something must gone wrong there, not?
    Don’t take this too seriously, it’s just a Campagnolo addict speaking here. Have a nice ride Dan, it’s a joy to see you’re back on the track.

    1. Post

      I’ve never had Campy…ever…on anything. Only heard rumors. And yes, lots of sweat over those bars, and lots of great views in front and behind. Glad you like the additions. This summer should be fun if I get time to get out.

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