Creative: Killing Time in San Francisco

Not really. I dream about killing time, but rarely get the time to do it. I was in San Francisco for work, completed a short portrait session then booked over to The Mission to see some old friends. Creative friends. If you think I’m creative these boys will put me to shame any day of the week. I’ve said this all along. I’m not that talented, but I’m focused and somewhat driven. Unbridled will makes up for much. What I love about spending time with these guys is that not only is it inspiring, educational, funny, etc. But it also tends to be instantly rewarding as we all know we have limited time, so we get to the meat by skipping the first course of idleness. These moments, days, make up for all the time I waste doing s#$# I hate to do. I’ve known Michael since 1996 and Kent for at least six years, so our histories, travels and correspondence are dense with history and the creative fire.
You are looking at Michael’s journals which are simply incredible. A Polaroid of Peter Beard. Old Nikons. A Blurb book. TRI-X. Kent. An image of mine on the wall.(I’d forgotten about it.) The last frame is me pontificating about something profound. Like how wearing running shoes with work clothes is actually cool and not ridiculous. I told you, important s%$# people.

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    1. Tom,
      You JUST missed the cut. It was the swimsuit portion of the night that set you back. Too much self tanner. A rookie mistake but I can offer guidance. I forgot you are in Oaktown now and now up north. Sorry! Next time? In a few weeks?

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