Creative: Armed with Rubber Chickens


I love being blamed for things. Such is the case with “Armed with Rubber Chickens” a book brought to you by photographer/editor Andrew Molitor. This is a custom book. An 8×10 softcover, a collaboration amongst photographers, then edited, designed and cut by Mr. Molitor. What it becomes is a flip book, allowing the viewer to mix and match what he or she likes. This is a wonderful editing tool and one that allows the viewer to see many books within a book. Nice going AM! In his own words “It was amazing.” “I learned so much, and it was FUN.”


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  1. Thanks! This is Daniel’s fault mostly because he made me get off my butt and do it.

    You should do it too. Everyone reading! Think up a plan, it doesn’t matter how crazy it is, and go do it. The only guidelines I can give are: Make the schedule doable, but aggressive (to keep yourself and any collaborators moving), and stick to it. If there’s any co-ordination to be done, keep a single central place to keep notes, and when you need to note something, write it down Now.

    Other than that, just go forth and do it.

  2. That makes my day — one of my photos is here on Milnor’s home! What’s more amazing is that I still haven’t ordered my copy of the book “we” made (actually 90% of the merit goes to Andrew, contributors have their photos but he did the thinking and assemblage which is most of the conceptual/intellectual work).

    Seriously: I should thank Andrew and Daniel here for the continuous inspiration to do stuff and have fun and make experiments with photographs.

    1. Alessandro,
      You have maybe the coolest name ever! Congrats on the contribution. Keep making stuff!

  3. Likes like a fun and cool book guys. Always interesting to see the end product when collaborative minds work together.

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