Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 038

You might be wondering how I can continually produce such award-winning content. Pure skill is the answer, but to hone this skill you need calories, so this week we begin with a recipe, then move on to the death of Olympus, FB crimes (again), the reality of healthcare in America, software games and the benefits of serendipity saddled to tenacity. Tune in!

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  1. Sometimes when I listen to these I wonder if we’re related. I haven’t got the go gettemness or talent, but there are some definitely things in common. Prison food. I loved the army. I was terrible at it and my dislike of our foreign policy overwhelmed by love of the military. I liked the people, the camaraderie, and THE FOOD. I know they made the food with some horrible ingredients, so nowadays my army/prison food preferences means simple, free of rich sauces, sugar, etc. Give me beans, veggies, and things like rice every time. I want to feel like I’m sitting around a campfire on the open range, but without the Blazing Saddles + Beans scene.

    There aren’t a lot of podcasts that mention the Brady trip to Hawaii. Laughed my ass off. I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but there are scenes in the Brady Bunch that I remember like they were yesterday.

    1. Scott,
      How much of my life was wasted trying to figure out which Brady I liked the most. And what was Alice REALLY doing with the butcher in that back room?

  2. I’d like to hear some of your “prison food” recipes. Mine? Bush’s beans (maple flavored) over toast.

    1. Jim,
      You can NEVER go wrong with black or refried beans and rice, a good tortilla and pico de Gallo. Could eat it every single day.

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