Create: Birds

Check out this take on our feathered friends. Boom. Mathieu Chiasson is to thank for this magazine. Very interesting use of type as well as a matched or paired use of design and images. I for one have an entirely new understanding and appreciation of birds, not just from this magazine but from the alone time I’ve had during C19. The birds nesting on my patio are friends. I know their patterns, fears, and how proud they are.

Paintings, illustrations, and photographs blended, mixed, and portioned out to the masses. Look at what I envision but did not see. I love interpretation through material and executive-level creative decision-making. The magazine format allows for good real estate and the premium paper holds the color and contrast. Nice job.

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  1. I love these pictures. I too marveled at the birds, they knew something was up, like when a dog knows it’s about to go for a walk. The birds came close, felt enamoured and their song was the sound of hope. Excellent visual interpretation of what a lot of us felt.

    1. Thanks Neil. Birds are captivating. I’m glad you see interpretation from those few images, the book is made (it’s my goal anyways) to invite anyone to make their own interpretation of those images and words.

  2. Thanks for the review Dan! This was a fun project, the kind that grew on its own and I learned about it as it grew. I’m quite happy at how it came together. Birds are intriguing, we can learn from them but I think we can learn even more about ourselves by observing them. You will fly.

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