Yoga: On the Road,England and Australia

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Yoga keeps me sane while I’m on the road. Even on the days I don’t want to do it. I force myself by remembering it’s only 25 minutes. Getting the blood going, a sweat going, is so key to things like health, mental focus and even jet lag, although this hasn’t helped at all returning home to Costa Mesa. I’m STILL on Aussie time, but am now well versed in reading at 3AM, eating at 3AM. The location of where I do yoga is also key and can make all the difference between enjoying it and just getting through it. The hotel in London had a guitar in the room. A real guitar. For some reason this made the yoga a bit more enjoyable. Sydney had amazing sunrise light pouring through the windows. I love sunrise, so this made my day just being able to experience Southern Hemisphere light as I got my day, and body, started. It might seem strange to have yoga posts on a site that’s mostly about creativity, interviews, photography and books but all of this is about life, and yoga is very much a part of my life. I’ve learned to keep things in perspective. This helps.


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  1. I enjoy waking up early! Seeing a sunrise and how the world get’s going very slowly… The best time for me! Everything feels new and refreshed! A new day with new possibilities and maybe I should add some Yoga to my morning routine? Again Daniel I really thank you for putting so much energy and passion into your blog… Please never stop!

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