Yoga: Location, Location, Location

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Anywhere you do yoga is great. Fine. Just fine. But location can add to the experience. Now, where I live the yoga schools are packed with uber Newport women who eat little and yoga lots. They are impressive, and on occasion you can find yourself RIGHT next to them during class, something that might seem like a great thing on the surface, but when you find yourself trying not to fall over or sweat on them it can be challenging. In a good way, I guess.

But I don’t often hit studios to do my practice. First, the studios are expensive. Second, the timing isn’t great. I need early, and the only early classes are at the far end of my ability. Also, my practice is a practice designed for the traveler. 25 minutes. All I need. Balance, strength, flexibility and even cardio. All in 25 minutes. (The mental and breathing parts first of course.)

I try to do yoga outside whenever possible. Normally, I wait until the sun is JUST hitting the edge of my mat. In winter I’m inside, but once the cold goes away I’m outside. I LOVE doing yoga outside. Sun, birdsong, metal birds taking off from John Wayne. What’s not to like? I wanted to show a few pics of where I practice.

This morning I ran for 30 minutes. (Nearly killed me.) Then straight to yoga. When I was done my legs were jelly and all I could think about was eating. You can see my clothes drying in the background. You can probably smell them through the monitor.
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  1. Are “Newport Women” the ones we see at the supermarket?
    They show up in workout clothes, but have the bag boy carry their groceries out to the car?

    1. Post

      YES. You know these people! They don’t eat any solid food either. Just $8 coffees and juice from Mother’s. Then they drive around in Mercedes 4×4’s with front axle snorkels as if you need to cross a low water crossing to get to yoga or fashion island. Their primary mission in life is to buy as much as possible and travel so their life looks great on Instagram. If I could call in an airstrike I would.

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