Yoga: Deliberate Motion

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I don’t know about you but my life is mostly chaos. Even when I start out with a plan there tends to be utter confusion as soon as the day starts. My wife and I are living our separate work lives, we live in two places, I travel more and she is stationary. I’m a morning person while she loves the night. My mom needs surgery. I am behind on my holiday presents. I haven’t seen my family in a long while. We are dealing with all the things that most families deal with. Modern life doesn’t often lend itself to quiet, or things of a deliberate nature. Most days feel like a perpetual fending off of incoming saber attacks.

done consciously and intentionally.

Yoga is my ONE moment of the day that is utterly clear. Thirty minutes. That’s all. Just a half hour total of complete and total deliberate thought and movement. Nothing else exists. Like entering a private room, locking out the noise, confusion, haste and lunacy of our world. I’m not entirely sure where I would be right now without yoga. Deliberate things allow us the luxury of focused thought. How each hand movement timed with breath could be better, more focused. Suddenly the world is gone. You are gone. I am gone. Breath and movement are all that remain.

As you know, I’ve been at this a while now. The exact same routine, daily, for several years now. Even though the routine is the same the deliberate nature has become more and more pronounced. I’ve noticed the idea of being deliberate has rubbed off on other aspects of my life. Even how I create my calendar, attempt to continue to better myself and even how I interact with other people. (When the phones comes out I just leave. Quietly and politely.) And if I can’t leave physically I leave mentally. Deliberate motion has allowed me to see another world running parallel to the frenetic modern life we are all living. Like looking out the car window at another vehicle moving at the same speed, only a few lanes over on a road with no other traffic.

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