The Ten Minute Book

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I posted about this little book before, but I’m back in Australia, so this book was once again on my mind. This is a ten-minute book. From dreaming it up to uploading. Just for fun. Let the software do some thinking. After my work portion of my trip was over I connected with friends in Perth and we drove north into the wilds of Western Australia, one of my favorite places on Earth. I shot Hasselblad, but also plugged away with my mobile phone, something that makes me cringe, but I was so tired at that point I didn’t care. Had I not printed these mobile images who knows where they would be today. I actually really like this book, but not as a statement about art or photography or books. Just for memory sake. Reminds me of dust and dingos.


By the way, for anyone in Sydney, I’ll be loitering in your city from late April to middle of May. Something like eighteen days, so if you wanna talk book, photography or just hang out, make sure you hit me up. Blurb has a variety of events planned, so come on by.

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  1. For some reason, I thought of you when I read this tonight:

    “Cavafy barely published during his lifetime, preferring small pamphlets for his friends and acquaintances, with the occasional booklet or broadsheet. When he died of cancer on this day in 1933, his 70th birthday, he was barely known outside a few small circles. These days he is considered one of the most important modern Greek poets.” (

    Maybe someday a famous writer, photographer or poet will have been inspired by your encouraging words.

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