Create: 10,000K Thank You

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What else is there to say? Thank you. Ten thousand subscribers to my YouTube Channel. This is quite a surprise. I’m not sure it actually means anything in terms of success with the channel but I’m pleased that my ramblings are having an impact. Again, one guy, one opinion, so take it for what it’s worth. But I mean it when I say “Thank you.” I’ve been trying to incorporate your ideas, questions, needs, etc. which I will continue to do. Secondarily, a new series just began #FromTheVanWithDan, which for me is both a lot of work but also a relief as it more officially sanctions my time in the van. I will be creating a new, short film series for Blurb in regard to what I’m learning and experiencing with my time in the van. My guess is these films will be more nuts and bolts, how-to and photo-centric.