Create: Drew and Katja Cain

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We gotta give this guy some love. When I saw the view count on this film I thought my system was broken. You know me, jaded when it comes to the power of books and magazines in a world obsessed with all things digital, but Drew and Katja Cain takes it a step further in their own unique way.

Look at the scarf box, the branding, the magazine and the quality of both the content and design. Do you know what seeing scarves does to the average photographer? It sends them into a fit of unbridled yet healthy consumerism. This is a historical fact, and something painfully evident. I’m not joking, I’m wearing a scarf right now, one I picked up in Cambodia in 1996. I hadn’t worn it in years but seeing it is ten degrees at the moment I would wear just about anything.

What Drew is saying, and showing, is what I’ve been saying and showing for over a decade but coming from me I still run into the jaded set who say “Well, you are just saying this because you work for Blurb.” And then I say “I pay for 99% of all my books going all the way back to 2007.” And then they say “Oh,” and then we have a moment of awkwardness.

I actually believe what I’m saying about print because I KNOW it works. I’ve seen it work countless times. And the next time someone walks up and asks me to look at their portfolio while they pull out an iPad I’m literally going to run away.

Why should you watch this? He’s a normal guy and not selling you things he hasn’t actually done. Look at his photography and look at his design and tell me you can’t learn something from this film. It beats the Hell out of the vast majority of vapid yet cinematic content that rules the photography space online. And did I mention he is normal and nice? Ya. Just watch it.