Creative: VanLife #08

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Sometimes everything goes wrong. Plan A, Plan B, and even Plan C. This is natural, normal and to be expected. It’s what we do after that counts. Cutting losses and retreating is an option. Improvising a Plan D works too. Or just reassessing what we already have and trying to make sense of it all. On this day, things went wrong but the positive aspects of being out still far outweighed anything negative, and let us also remember that much of what we do isn’t really on the importance scale at all.

I’ve mentioned this many times before but it begs to be shared again. The brand, style, and build of the van are almost entirely irrelevant. Did I plan what I bought and how it was designed? Sure. But it was a short conversation, a check and then it was HOW I was going to use it. What does the van allow me to do I could not do before? (work from it as a small home) and where is the van taking me? What work have I accomplished while in the van? How does it tie into my work at Blurb?