Create: Road Trip Two, Episode One

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Voice, sound, and visuals from the past week burning across the western half of the United States. For me, there is absolutely nothing better than having the time to put pen to paper and transcribe the thoughts piercing my brain. Normally, I wouldn’t share these things but so many of you have written with questions about journaling that I thought I would give you a taste of my style. Remember, I studied journalism so documenting and observing life is so ingrained in my behavior that I can’t shut it off even when I want to. These passages are fleeting and often sparked by a single thought, idea, or observation. I have to stop what I’m doing and write or they won’t come back, ever. I wouldn’t classify these as great or important but they are to me and with a journal that is all that matters. My journal isn’t for you and yours shouldn’t be for me. They are personal, private sanctuaries of no rules, no permission, and no apologies. SOUND: Music for Visual Media, Swelling, Night One