Creative: Sketches of Maine #002

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Just as the name suggests, a sketch at best. My calendar has become full my friends. Much more so than at any point in recent memory, which is actually quite nice. New protocols, new software, new tasks and new team members have made this past few weeks a welcome challenge. So, I now work a little differently. What tides me over from task to task are the small breaks when I let my mind wander. New ideas, new tactics and new achievable realities. My creative time comes in hyper-short bursts. A paragraph here, a frame or two there. One to the other but a pattern impossible to establish. Two days ago we speak of a friend who makes plans to come see us. Then the phone rings. He’s gone. Abruptly and far too soon. A reminder to fight the good fight and get done what needs to get done. Planning is intelligent, but NOT living along the way is inexcusable. You can’t wait. You must act. In whatever capacity you can.