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One man, one opinion. Thank you for sending in your questions and if you have another then send that one in as well. Love these as I can speak to you as if you were sitting here with me.

1. 1:39, What is your learning methodology for learning motion?

2. 5:30, Is shooting double exposures asking the audience to do more than viewing simple, straight images?

3. 9:40, Do you have any suggestions for software or books that will help with DAM (digital asset management.)

4. 16:19, If you are using analog exclusively, what is the best way of working with Blurb?

5. 18:03, Any advice for using small screens outside while capturing motion outdoors. And do you use a tripod?

6. 21:28, What is the biggest change to your photography from 10-20 years ago. What worked and what didn’t?

7. 28:40, What part of your daily life does photography serve? Do you always have a camera with you?